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We Anchor people in effective teamwork created by safe environments built on compassion, collaboration, and connection...THE M.O.R.E. WAY.

 The M.O.R.E. philosophy helps leaders and teams increase productivity through honest, insightful and thought-provoking communication.

Image by Evan Wise

Welcome to More In Common

If you are leader looking to take your organization's culture to the next level by developing your people's ability to more effectively collaborate across teams and be more inclusive as a matter of habit, you have come to the right place.  

People change management is hard, and ensuring you have a culture that embraces everyone and is built to prevent major cultural issues is hard.  We can help.  Have a look around and we look forward to hearing from you. 


Elevate Leadership | Ignite Culture | Achieve Excellence

With Organizations

Our dynamic workshop offerings provide organizations and teams with transformative learning experiences designed to foster inclusivity, enhance cultural competence, and drive positive change. Led by expert facilitators, our workshops create a safe and engaging environment for participants to explore topics, challenge assumptions, and develop practical strategies to build more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

With Leaders

Our executive one-on-one coaching services tailored to support and guide senior leaders and executives seeking to drive meaningful and sustainable change within their organizations. Our confidential and collaborative partnership helps executives navigate the complexities of fostering inclusive cultures, addressing unconscious biases, and developing effective leadership practices.

Psychological Safety with Intention

M.O.R.E. Perspective 

From the moment we engaged with MIC, it was evident that their expertise and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion were unparalleled. The program's structured approach and comprehensive resources were exactly what we were looking for. 

Harpreet Basran
Chief People Officer, San Francisco 49ers

“You're going to understand yourself infinitely more than when you started, but it’s going to be tough at times. Great news is, they're going to walk you through that”

Dustin Albertson
Vice President, Sales, Service & Ticketing 
Forty Niners Stadium Management Company

"The training I did with Rodney and Keith was extremely vulnerable and empathetic. They gave me language to use so that I can fully express myself more often, be heard and most importantly listen, with love."

Jaime Davern

CEO, Amplify Voices

Creating productive experiences builds trust, accelerates growth, and inspires personal development.

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