Rod’s First Blog – Start of Podcast Journey

Posted by Rodney

Those of you that have listened to our podcast know that I can be a bit, well let’s just say random. Welcome to my writing aka a stream of consciousness with a direct feed from the cerebral cortex sans mincing by way of the tongue.

This podcast has been a very public journey that has promoted an inner journey and lots of growth. Hitting “publish” on the very first episode was simultaneously petrifying and liberating. As I sat staring at the button, finger on the mouse poised to click, I found myself considering all the negative outcomes with dread. You know: what if no one likes it, what if I offend someone accidentally, what if we fail, what if we succeed – and on, and on. The self-limiting self-talk that is really so useless. However, we had a deadline and I was going to meet it so I clicked publish and we were off.

The very instant that I clicked publish all of the negative self-talk vanished and I felt great. In that moment it didn’t matter if we reached 1 listener or 1 million, we’d set a goal to launch a podcast and we’d done it. Liberating. Satisfying.

There is a satisfaction or maybe quenching feeling is more accurate when you work where you have passion and ability. A fulfillment, yes – that’s what I was looking for. It is tremendously fulfilling.

If you’ve ever considered starting something you’re passionate about, do it. Do the work that goes with it. It took us almost 6 months to prepare to launch just 1 episode. That said it felt easy because we loved doing it. I know have a completely different understanding of the phrase “labor of love”.