My struggle sharing publicly…

Posted by Keith

Rodney and I recently had a conversation regarding the discomfort of sharing thoughts on the matters we discuss in the podcast. Especially sharing those thoughts publicly.

Lately, as we look to gain more participation in the dialogue through our public forums, we are hearing a similar discomfort from others. This concern seems to vary in reason. The idea of sharing in a semi public forum; concern about offending someone unknown to them; concern about saying the wrong thing that could be used against them.

These are similar things Rodney and I discussed as I share these same concerns. Since we started posting publicly, the idea that my thoughts and opinions on sensitive matters are out for the world to hear terrifies me. Did I say the wrong things? Did my experience cause me to use a phrase or word that is going to offend everyone listening? Who really cares about my opinions; shouldn’t I just keep them to myself? Is someone going to use this against me in the future?

These are questions I have asked myself over and over again and they creep up every time I engage, record or even listen to our prior recordings. See, this isn’t something I ever thought of doing until we reached the point of saying it needs to be done. Over the past 2 decades we often hear the purpose of protested action is to start a conversation. Thus, we wanted to help ensure that conversation is had and continues.

It is this reason why I  power through my trepidation every time I engage in hopes that I don’t say the wrong thing and offend everyone listening or that someone does find our discussion useful and it won’t matter if someone tries to use it against me in the future. The reality is, we are “just” two guys having an important conversation but it is important that all of us “just” people have the conversation publicly or privately knowing sometimes we will offend, say the wrong thing or someone won’t care and may use it against us in the future. It’s these reasons that allow me to get better, think better, and ensure my mindset continues to evolve.

So, if you share these thoughts, I completely understand and hope that it doesn’t limit your ability to at least have one conversation that helps expose the realities of how people live in order to assist in the progress to ensure people are all treated equally.