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Our Mission is to break 1 Million people out of their echo chambers. 


Doing m.o.r.e.

to inspire productive human connection by anchoring humanity in compassionate conversation


What does inclusion look like in your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy?

We give foundational tools to help standardize expectations for people to build stronger connections through compassionate communication to make you inclusion strategy become part of the culture. 



We demonstrate M.O.R.E. compassionate conversations.

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Rodney and Keith have been friends since 2002 during their educational years at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  Over the years their friendship certainly has evolved but has always been anchored on their mutual respect and compassion for each other.   As a result, they have been able to navigate the complexities of many difficult conversations without impacting the structural foundation of their friendship.  

After a whole bunch of years in tech, and on the heals of some major cultural division, Rodney and Keith decided to capture the magic that fuels their friendship and try to give it to other people.  This project started out as a simple podcast and after 150+ conversations they decided to use their years of direct corporate experience, Keith's background in Psychology, and the fundamentals of their friendship to build foundational tools for others to have what they have.  

The goal is to help people break out of their echo chambers, build connections, increase trust, and provide opportunity for a more peaceful path forward rather than anchoring on a reality or perception of division and uncertainty.