Did you Know

 of people ARE Engaged at work



of your employees ARE NOT happy at work*


Why this matters...

Unhappy employees lead to lost productivity, accidents on the job, employee conflict, increased HR issues, and higher rates of attrition, which increases your cost of doing business.

How many people are unhappy in your organization?


Some of which feel unheard. Some feel under valued. Some feel stuck as if there is no path forward. Others feel trapped because of their personal circumstances. Many feel like they are on the outside looking in.


assess yourself (COMING SOON...)

THE m.o.r.e. opportunity

We have built our program to drive the following outcomes:

  •  Anchor your Inclusion Strategy

  • Ensure people feel seen, heard and valued

  • Establish productive connection

  • Drive deeper collaboration

  • Reduce attrition

Our process is simple.  

We have built our program to maximize retention with practice over time.  There is a lot of information coming at everyone in your organization and there is only so much time in the day. 

It has been studied that people remember 10% of a training within 2 weeks of completion and 1% within 3 months. 


Our methodology is designed with this in mind.

We have formalized a partnership with The Dialogue Company.  Together, we can turn cultural evolution into cultural transformation.

Inclusion Through
Transformative Dialogue

let's talk culture: The empty cup
Where we talk with leaders in building culture to give new perspectives and insights to help fill your cup up at the end of the week. 


Jaime Davern, CEO of Amplify Voices 

"The training I did with Rodney and Keith was extremely vulnerable and empathetic. They gave me language to use so that I can fully express myself more often, be heard and most importantly listen, with love."


What I liked most about the session was the check in process at the beginning - that repeated exercise really drilled into me how to use "I hear you" in every conversation."

Gabriela Rodriguez.jpg

Gabriela Rodriguez, Costa Rica, (Large Tech Firm)

"The session with you was a good time to connect with other coworkers and have a space to explore more our cultural intelligence and the ways in which our behavior impacts our values of diversity and inclusion every day.

Diversity and Inclusion is a topic of daily discussion and the session was an opportunity to hear how everyone works, individually, to create an environment of engagement. 


The session taught me that the first phase of effective engagement has a high level of tension, but after passing this phase, we are able to create a safe space for more compassionate communication. 


Thanks a lot guys for your time and for share your knowledge with us!."

Justin Slagle.jpg

Justin Slagle, SoCal, (Large Tech Firm) 

"Most important to me, your session helped me think about things differently.  It opened my mind to new ways to think about diversity and inclusion, and that helps me think about my job and my team in different and more meaningful ways.


Also, I’ve been using box breathing in a few different scenarios and it has helped me stay calm. 😊"

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