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Rodney and Keith have been friends since 2002 during their educational years at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  Over the years their friendship certainly has evolved but has always been anchored on their mutual respect and compassion for each other.   As a result, they have been able to navigate the complexities of many difficult conversations without impacting the structural foundation of their friendship.  

After a whole bunch of years in tech, and on the heels of some major cultural division, Rodney and Keith decided to capture the magic that fuels their friendship and try to give it to other people.  This project started out as a simple podcast and after 150+ conversations they decided to use their years of direct corporate experience, Keith's background in Psychology, and the fundamentals of their friendship to build foundational tools for others to have what they have.  

The goal is to help people break out of their echo chambers, build connections, increase trust, and provide opportunity for a more peaceful path forward rather than anchoring on a reality or perception of division and uncertainty. 

Rodney Campbell

Rodney is our co-founder, co-host, comedic relief, technologist, and Chief conversation de-railer.  Rodney is a self-proclaimed "jack of many and master of some".  He craves change and loves trying new things.   His background includes 18 years of retail and technology sales and 6 years serving the Boys and Girls Clubs of Burbank and Venice as a Board of Director.


Uniquely gifted with the ability to connect with pretty much anyone, anywhere …a quality he's sure he got from his grandma… his goal is to help others do the same.  To teach others that connecting with people isn't difficult and just requires a little compassion. 


More in Common is his attempt to work on what he'd say are some of our world's biggest issues.

Keith Richardson

Above all else, Keith is a father and husband working his hardest at being the best for his family he can be.  More In Common gives the opportunity to be his best for his family, himself, and others.


Keith is a Co-Founder, co-host, lead content editor and operational mastermind, ensuring things move smoothly, on time, and in the direction the company needs to go.  He brings over 15 years in tech and a background in Psychology to develop strategy and content that delivers against the mission of bringing people out of their echo chambers.


He has a passion for helping people be better versions of themselves and looks to help people break down the walls between people through dialogue and curiosity. 





Welcome to More In Common


Our sole purpose is to drive productive human connection across cultures, backgrounds, and disparate viewpoints by anchoring people in COMPASSIONATE CONVERSATION through honest, insightful and thought-provoking communication!


Why? Because we have More In Common than that which divides us.


People and organizations want to drive productive human CONNECTION, so individuals can be seen, heard and valued. When people are seen, heard and valued they begin to lift their veil of ignorance and break out of their echo chambers.

By working with MORE IN COMMON’s tools and techniques that are designed to drive honest, insightful, open, thought-provoking, and compassionate communication, people are empowered to become catalysts for replacing judgmental behavior with incremental acts of understanding.

You may be wondering...

What's this Podcast? It's where we started and it's how we demonstrate what it is we do.  We have conversations with each other and others to build connection through compassionate conversation.

And you consult? Indeed!  We want others to do M.O.R.E. So, we bring our tools and framework to organizations to help them build a more collaborative and connected environment.  It's not about people bringing their whole selves, rather, it's about people bringing their best self to accomplish the mission of their company.  Working together to have more satisfaction and deliver more for the business and for their lives. 


Legal Company formed! And, on Keith's Birthday.  

June 29, 2017

Consulting begins as we deliver our first workshop with the first version of M.O.R.E.

February 25, 2019

July 7, 2017

More In Common Logo

Go live with our first podcast episode, "Shoot Ninja" under the original name of the Podcast, 'Under the Skin"

March 26, 2020


M.I.C. Podcast Interviews Kathryn Hahn

February 11, 2021

F2_Kristen_Seamless_1255_CR3_Photo by Ricky Middlesworth (2).jpg

M.I.C. Podcast Interviews Kristen Bell

February 11, 2021

_2160z1080 The Empty Cup - black background circle.png

Launch of our second interview series, 'The Empty Cup' focused on bringing voices related to corporate culture

Our Journey

Our Story

It started in 2002.  Rodney and Keith lived across the hall from each other at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.  An instant friendship began.  From the beginning they had conversations about all the things you don't talk about with someone new in your life.  Religion, politics, social issues, and on... 


There was one particular conversation about gay marriage that took place over 3 months. Both had very different viewpoints on the issue. Yet, at no point was the conversation hostile and at no point they consider de-friending each other.  Nor did they spend the effort trying to convince one another who was right.  In fact, there was no agreement.  There wasn't even a conclusion to the discussion. It just ended.  

It was years later when Rodney and Keith came to a common stance on the issue. But it wasn't a forced decision. It was simply by having conversations, introducing new perspectives, meeting new people, and processing all of the discussions they had.  


Many more discussions have taken place between the two of them with far quicker influence one way or the other. Turns out, they just had an ability to navigate conversations that matter without judgment or the fear of being judged. 

Fast forward to 2016 when Colin Kaepernick first took a knee on the 49ers NFL sideline. There was an immediate need to discuss.  Again, both coming from very different points of view. LONG before the conversation permeated every household in America.   And, again, they came to a commonplace with the topic. Not exactly in the same frame of mind, but with agreement on the issue.


So, at the time, as the discourse in our country was clearly heading to a sad place, Rodney presented the idea of starting a podcast.  Keith was very unfamiliar with the concept so it took a few months to come around on the idea. But, when he did, they began the journey of More In Common. If you have been with us from the beginning you know it actually started as Under The Skin…but we don’t need to go into that. 

They had a vision but didn't know exactly how it should play out.  They tried a few things, had many conversations and ultimately realized they had a skill, knowledge, and an understanding of how to connect with others without judgment in an effort to move relationships and issues forward.  It has been a journey since we first started.  


The Podcast was the launching point of our journey.  Since the beginning we have taken what we learned from our friendship, our conversations with guests, and knowledge acquired through study and amazing resources, to begin directly helping others on their journey to better connect through conversation. 

Everything we do is to advance the cause to anchor everyone in the compassionate conversations we have been having for almost 20 years.  Thank you for joining us and being a part of this vision. 


There are so many amazing podcasts out there who do great work.  We have had the opportunity to share our story with a handful and you can learn more about us if you want to take a listen to any of the interviews we have done. 


At The Good, Our goal is to focus on the good in the world thru a podcast that inspires, rewires and educates. Join us for conversations with innovative change makers.


Life-changing conversations in the areas of technology, business, and belonging.

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